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1855 - 50 years ago was a terrible year
By Bill Sniffin

Before 2018 totally slips into our memory, I want to write about some events that occurred 50 years ago during the torturous year of 1968 across the USA.

         For those of us who lived through 1968, that year was essentially a horrible year that ended with a wonderful earth-changing event.

         Here in Wyoming, life was better. One of the biggest stories of the year was the near completion of Interstate 80.  It would change the state forever. This massive ...

1854 - What a year 2018 has been in Wyoming
By Bill Sniffin

Obviously the biggest story of this year was the Wyoming governor’s race but there were lots of other big stories, too. Before we dissect that huge political story, let’s look at some other big stories.

         The 54,000-acre fire near Bondurant that destroyed 55 homes was a first for Wyoming.  We have had some big fires and seen some homes lost but nothing like this scale.

         We are not California so a subdivision with 100 homes is more common ...

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