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1841 - The future of news is spelled LOCAL
By Bill Sniffin

Is it possible that there are more than 100,000 news reporters in the state of Wyoming?

         That is a number I pulled out of the air while pondering the future of news reporting in the Cowboy State prior to participating in an intellectual freedom panel recently Tuesday with other journalists.

         As the senior member of the panel (I started writing news stories 56 years ago), I recalled writing a cover story for Presstime Magazine called “The Era ...

1840 - Three big boys and Matt Mead coincidences
By Bill Sniffin

One of the most interesting people in eastern Wyoming is Patsy Bixby Parkin of Wheatland.

         Not only is she a wonderful historian; she and her three sons should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

         Some 40 years ago, Patsy gave birth to the heaviest triplets ever born in the entire world.  Well, here is how she recalls it:

 “I was just notified that Dave, Dan, and ...

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