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1905 - Cheyenne is center of Wyoming universe now
By Bill Sniffin

The road from Lander to Cheyenne is about 275 miles long and we were on our fifth trip recently in a month on that route.

         During the winter, I favor the northern route through Riverton-Shoshoni-Casper-Douglas-Wheatland-Cheyenne.  It takes about 40 minutes longer but I get to avoid the fun weather events at Beaver Rim, Muddy Gap, Separation Flats, Elk Mountain, and the Summit.  Plus I am not sharing the ice-packed highway with 10,000 semi-trailer trucks.


1904 - A dog, a new truck, ducks . . . and dynamite!
By Bill Sniffin

In 2015, a 61-year old Green River man, John M. Henderson, fell through the ice on a frozen Flaming Gorge and drowned.

         In 2016, a couple driving a Ford F-350 pickup at night across Boysen Reservoir east of Riverton broke through the ice. They narrowly escaped by kicking out the back window and scrambling out of the water-filled truck. Their pickup went to the bottom of the lake.

         We’ve heard other unusual stories about going out on frozen Wyoming lakes.&

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