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1831 - The center of the Cowboy World in Cheyenne
By Bill Sniffin

How many volunteers does it take to stage the biggest cowboy party on earth?

         Would you believe 2,500 men, women and even a few children?

         Cheyenne was transformed from July 18-29 as the 122nd version of what is called “The Daddy of them All” rodeo and other events took place.

         It had been a few years since Nancy and I made the 250-mile drive from Lander to ...

1830 - Hectic time in Wyoming in political world
By Bill Sniffin

There is so much to write about concerning politics this time of year in Wyoming – where on earth do I start?

         Perhaps the biggest thing that will affect the most people is the fact that four of the five top statewide elected officials are being elected this year.

         The five people in these slots (Governor, Secretary of State, State Supt. of Public Instruction, State Auditor and State Treasurer) make up the five board positions on a great many of the decision-making bodies in the ...

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