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1815 - Future of work in Wyoming (plus robots!)
By Bill Sniffin

The smartest person I know was giving me his opinion about the future of jobs in Wyoming. It was a cautionary tale.

         Jeff Wacker was the staff futurist for the huge Hewlett-Packard Company and its 320,000 employees before retiring a few years ago.

         Our family was in north Dallas for Easter spending time with our daughter Amber, her husband Craig and three grandchildren. Wacker used to be a neighbor of theirs and still lives in the north Dallas area.

1814 - Watch out for those geezers in big RVs
By Bill Sniffin

In Rinker Buck’s wonderful book Oregon Trail, he offers up a classic lament shared by many others when he complains:

         “Who are all these geezers in their giant motorhomes that are clogging the roadways and causing the rest of us big problems!”

         Well, heck, Rinker, that might have been me!  So stick that in your ear.


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